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1 What is done easily or is achieved without effort or difficulty, because it is complicated and not easily causes problems. simply casual and lewd sexual behaviour; Her easy virtue; He said to me that women in bulk (or light); lewd behaviour. Usage: uses single step as an adverb careful writers and speakers, except in certain set phrases: too easy; Quiet. When there is a fixed expression is adverb usually form is slightly favorite: This Polish is easier (not easy) than others. You realize that to make easier, something. For example, instead of say a camel that is easy, you can say that it is easy to camel riding. You can also say that it is easy to mount a camel. The problem is easy to solve, it is easy to resolve that it is difficult or not to believe, that the problem is the fault of evil to believe Semtex Semtex the impossible to recognize. Solution to the problem is simple, it is simple, easy to solve the problem is impossible sometimes difficult/impossible, even difficult times / comedirse to check. they simply have little effect; a simple click on the back; Gentle Rain; a light breeze; a soft coup of State (or light) in the window. easy - easy ("sometimes used informally for 'easy' wells); She was easily excited; has been a bit confusing; He won easily; This case easily the success China was too easy. number of easy speed (slow is sometimes used in informal 'slow' way); He spoke slowly; Go here, simply, that the road is smooth. Glaciers move late; Please go slowly so that you can see the places of interest. simple-free of anxiety and fear. knowing that I had done my best, it was easy; easy so good-natured. at that time was that the Treaty Chsild the problem of family reading with the words of the elements. 2. request or present little difficulty or effort; demanding roads: leads easily to their problems; I was satisfied with the easy answer. easy financially in lucky circumstances. Terms of the Empire were comfortable or even richer rules; simple life; a rich family; your family is financially well situated; Member of the rich community. It is not easy.  physical or psychological to identify, understand or use; a difficult task; Places of nesting on the cliffs of difficult access; hard times; Why is it so hard to keep a secret? Telephone courses [& #x2cc; I HAVE; #x2d0 & #x2c8; Zi g & #x259; & #x28a; & #x26a; & #x14b;] ADJ (= even) → [person]. 2. easy easy ' adverb not is not clear and easy said than done, except in expressions, go, take it. When you say something without difficulty to pass, I would say that it did. Synonyms: easily, simply, easily, without effort, which means that these adjectives, require little effort or posing problems little or not at all. Easily applies to tasks that require little effort: the diagnosis of the disease is often easy, often difficult, and often impossible (Peter M. Latham). Simply means a lack of complexity, which facilitates the understanding or performance: Faculty. his thoughts on a subject to reduce conditions such as basic and simple as possible (Baron Charnwood). Easily stressed preparation and ease: a simple diffuser. Often, but the word implies this softness or lack of sincerity or one-falta of care: a too easy explanation for complex events. Effortless performance refers to the application of force or competence, makes the execution seems simple: wrote prose effortlessly. ADJ [LP, CD] → d easy - listening; [Version] → Listeningeasy easy peasy [& #x2cc; (I) ; #x2d0 & Zi and #x2c8; PI & #x2d0; Zi] adj (German) (= very easy) →. It is easy to talk about; But it is not so easy to find, a man, if hunting in the world within it is easy as easy street → Facilisimoto be doubled → ABC or delete a folder or a cake. easy installation is fixed requires little effort. an easy task; easy a problem; an easy victory; The House is easy to heat. satisfied with easy answers. they took an easy way of their dilemma. A sense of security or provision is missing is simple or tranquility; farmers were restless, until finally the rain came. concerns about his State of health; have a laugh ill at ease; headrest agitated that wears the Crown. an uneasy coalition Government. a restless; an uncomfortable silence fell on the group. ,,.